In case you missed it: A font with a big promise

Have you seen this? This font was deliberately designed to be hard to read in order to improve memory retention. You can try it out on the website, it’s free to download, and if you’re a true fan, it’s available as an extension to convert all website text to Sans Forgetica.

I’m fascinated by this! Unfortunately, I can’t read it at all because I’m dyslexic. However, not all people with dyslexia process fonts similarly. Are you dyslexic? Can you read Sans Forgetica? If you’re not dyslexic, what’s your experience with using this font? Do you think it does what it claims? Let me know in the comments, or at your next appointment.

P.S. To the scientists at RMIT University, please make a Sans Forgetica for dyslexic folk! I volunteer as a research participant.

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