A couple of months ago, I finally visited the Rose Bowl Flea Market. We came across a mosaic coffee table in the design of either of a shark or a tuna. The price was listed as follows:




With my dyslexia, I was only able to see 750; the dashes on the next line threw me off and looked like a drawing. At second glance, I saw this:




I interpreted this as $750,080. Apparently I muttered this out loud, as the young man chirped, “Sure! We’ll take that offer!” He knew I couldn’t have been serious, and I realized my error. We all had a good laugh about it.


This is a day in the life with dyslexia. I recently came across this article, which details another person’s experience with this condition, along with a resolution. It was a wonderful read, and it was particularly fascinating to find that the font does not help everyone. Did it help you? Tell me in the comments, or at your next appointment.

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