Because it’s never too late

Yesterday, I came across this article about the ideal day off. I read it, chuckled, and proceeded to be one of the many who commits to a full day’s work on a day off. I checked my email, caught up on work, and didn’t step a foot outdoors except to toss the trash.

So I’d love to hear, what did you do yesterday?

P.S. I was asked why I decided to post this seemingly a day behind schedule. Because it’s never too late to plan for your next day off! Which, for me, will be Fourth of July.

One thought on “Because it’s never too late

  1. I had a very lazy Memorial Day. I ate a big breakfast followed by 7-8 hours of binge watching a show I’d been meaning to start.

    The sad part was when nighttime came and I’d really accomplished nothing of substance I found myself feeling guilty for my lack of motivation.

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