The mind and the body

I’d like to share this great article from Harvard, that speaks on the effect that the mind can have on the perception of pain. It states, very importantly, that the brain can continue to perceive pain without noxious stimuli; this is called central sensitization, in which the mind is so wired and so used to the perception of pain that it will create the sensation of pain without any external influence.


In chiropractic philosophy, it is said that three things cause subluxation: psychological stress, mechanical stress, and chemical stress. In other words, stress, physical trauma, and toxins will individually and synchronously cause misalignment of the joints of the body. Indeed, the mind can work against us, but what is learned can be unlearned.


In the coming weeks, I will discuss the six techniques overviewed in this article in detail. (I’ve got to put that sport psychology degree to use.)

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