Posture fascinates me. As a child and through most of adulthood, I had terrible posture. My parents would constantly tell me stand up straight. While I also wanted to stand straight, it was just so difficult to do so. However, my parents would also remark that when I played the piano or the violin, I would stand so tall.


These days, I still don’t think I have great posture, but, just as when I was younger, I know that in certain situations, my posture is excellent. I now know how to achieve good posture, how to stand tall consciously, if not constantly. We learned much about posture in chiropractic school, but this article takes away the medical terminology and tells you what good posture looks like (tl;dr note the bullet points at the end). Using these points, simulate the posture in your body, hold, then relax. That’s how you teach yourself over time what posture feels like, so you can return to that state again and again, and maybe even make it your new normal.


P.S. A posture examination is part of every chiropractic examination that I do. Have you had your posture examined?

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