Your first appointment

Your first appointment will be as follows:

  1. When you enter the clinic, Dr. Xia will greet you and hand you a packet to fill out. The packet will include an informed consent form, a HIPAA form, and a patient intake form. There may be other forms for you to fill out, depending on your circumstances. (For example, if the appointment is for your minor child, there will be another form for you to sign.)
  2. After you have filled out the forms, Dr. Xia will review them and commence the examination. The exam will include a neurological evaluation, an orthopedic evaluation, and a chiropractic evaluation. Some of these tests may elicit your symptoms; the goal is not to cause further discomfort, but to isolate the cause of your symptoms and to rule in and rule out conditions.
  3. Based on the examination, Dr. Xia will decide if chiropractic care can be beneficial for you. If it is, you will receive chiropractic care at your first appointment. The adjustments used are high-velocity, low-amplitude. In other words, there will be a quick, short force applied to a joint with subluxation to correct the subluxation.
  4. After the treatment, Dr. Xia will provide you with instructions for home care and speak with you about your next appointment(s), if needed.

The first appointment will take an hour. Please plan accordingly.