A popular reference to chiropractic, Survivor-style

Do y’all watch Survivor? I’m totally a fan. If you tuned in Wednesday, Boston Rob referenced chiropractic.

The premise of this season is that two returning champions, Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine mentor and then test a contestant. This week, Kellee was called to the Island of the Idols (so dramatic!) and tested her on her listening skills. This involved Boston Rob and Sandra bombarding her with personal information about themselves, interspersed with questions such as, “So what do you think about chiropractors? Are they legit?”

Kellee’s answer? “Ummm…”

I chuckled at this segment. But since Kellee hesitated to answer, I’ll take the liberty of providing one.

Yes, Boston Rob, we’re legit. More questions? Ask me!

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