Matrix Repatterning

As you know, I was out of the office on Wednesday, meeting with a colleague. I accompanied a patient to visit Dr. Chasse, a physical therapist who performs Matrix Repatterning. We have been doing this for a few months now, as this patient has told me that while chiropractic is beneficial, her experience with this particular form of manual therapy was especially life-changing. Because I had never heard of this therapy, and because I have a propensity to be a lifelong learner, we set up appointments with Dr. Chasse in which I would observe and study, while the patient receives the treatment. It’s a wonderful arrangement, and I look forward to the (more or less) monthly trip to Orange. I’m happy to report that on Wednesday, Dr. Chasse allowed me to participate in delivering portions of the treatment.


Matrix Repatterning is very subtle, and therefore challenging to explain in words. Chiropractic is performed through the alignment of bones by the manipulation of joints, in order to positively alter function by achieving optimal structure. Matrix Repatterning is also concerned with alignment, but accomplishes this through moving the fascia. It proposes that the fascia, because its function is the separation of muscle and organ, has therapeutic effects on both. While both the patient and Dr. Chasse hope that I attend the seminar to become certified in this technique, I may not be able to make it this year. It is a future goal, however.


Have you ever heard of or experienced Matrix Repatterning? How would you describe it and how was your experience? Let me know in the comments or at your next appointment.

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