Eating right, continued

A while ago, I shared an article about eating right. I contacted my professor of nutrition at chiropractic school, Dr. Paul Ratte, to get his opinion about this article. His comments are as follows:


“I agree and disagree. I’m not sure I take everything they say at face value. They are interpreting the research and what they say is not conclusive. A bit of plant based bias. But I don’t completely disagree.


“I’m still going to stick with my rule of 1869. I’m fearful of new foods. And our ancestors ate whatever they could get in their geographic area. Some variation of animals, animal products, grains, and tubers. Grains and tubers are relatively new, but certainly were around in 1869. Saturated fats have been in the diet for a long time.”


Dr. Ratte’s rule of 1869 is the concept that foods invented after 1869 are problematic and should be avoided. Margarine was invented in that year.


Penny for your thoughts, either in the comments below or at your next appointment.

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