“Box breathing”

Folks, I came across yet another breathing technique that was so powerful that I am compelled to share this with you. Developed by a Navy SEAL, it is shockingly simple, and I will outline it here.


  1. Breath out, maximally. (Fun fact: The article alludes to “empty lungs.” Your lungs are actually never empty, courtesy of residual volume.)
  2. Count to four.
  3. Inhale through the nose while counting to four.
  4. Hold your breath while counting to four. Mark Divine advises not to bear down (or perform a squeezing sensation, but to simply hold this air volume in your lungs.
  5. Breath out while counting to four.


This is one iteration of box breathing. I performed one circuit, literally just one, and I felt that my mind was clear, my vision was bright, and my body was light. Did you do it for the recommended five minutes? What did you experience? Let me know in the comments, or at your next appointment.


P.S. There are many breathing techniques out there, I’ve noticed, many of which are new and invented by modern people. Have you invented your own breathing technique?

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