Tai Chi

We continue this week again, with my being at a loss for words. (It’s really quite impressive that this Harvard article was able to compress both yoga and tai chi into one bullet point.) Again, I will borrow the words from the experts, but I will present them in a very specific order. As usual, listen and watch mindfully to these videos.


First, Jet Li speaks about the concept of harmony of mind and body and through that, health and happiness. This channel has many lessons, if you should wish to continue your exploration of this discipline.


Second, Matthew Wolf guides a group of young folk in a Tai Chi exercise. He introduces the concept of the weapon with the sheath (pervasive in Chinese martial arts), the act of being rooted to the earth, and the coordination of breath and movement.


Third, Sandeep Desai demonstrates some Tai Chi forms and talks further about its accompanying philosophy. I was very inspired by this talk, and so impressed by how he breathes (which is strikingly different from the type of breathing I spoke about in earlier weeks).


Have you taken a Tai Chi class? How was it? Share in the comments. Not sure if you can incorporate this into your routine? Ask me at your next appointment.

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